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I thoroughly enjoyed doing the EFT Level 1 course from Puja. Puja is highly professional , flexible , and friendly with indepth understanding of the subject.The program is very well structured and Puja’s simplicity in explanation lays a strong foundation to practice EFT. The program gives insights into the technique which 
self study can never provide.

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Achieve Personal Peace and Happiness!
Become your Own Therapist!
Welcome to I am Puja Kanth Alfred, an emotional
trauma expert. I am passionate about helping individuals heal from
emotional issues such as anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD, abuse & acute and chronic stress.
I specialize in trauma recovery, especially helping adult survivors of sexual and emotional abuse to heal from childhood trauma and to rebuild their self esteem. Any kind of trauma, big or small, gets locked in our minds and bodies and unless processed and released, can cause a lot of emotional and physical distress.  Hence, in the emotional recovery process I also help individuals to overcome physical issues caused by emotional trauma.

I firmly believe in empowering people with the basic knowledge of self-transformational tools that I use, so that they can become their own therapist and handle issues on their own even after the consultation/therapy sessions are over.  However, you are always welcome to consult me when you get stuck in the path towards self-healing.
You can read more about my credentials here.
So Join me Today to Transform your Emotional State.
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Mobile: +91 9677248146

Client Testimonials

Chronic Abuse & Trauma

I’ve always considered myself an extreme tough case way too damaged to heal:  not only I’ve been mentally, physically and emotionally abused by my parents and older siblings my whole life, in my teens when I finally had the courage to seek help I was also abused by ‘reputable’ psychiatrists and therapists. I then went from one abusive boyfriend to another with very few exceptions. I felt powerless living in an invisible prison of endless negative patterns and pain. 

Puja is a genius when it comes to EFT. The healing that took place in some particular chronic issues came as close to a ‘miracle’ as one can hope to get! Not only she makes change possible, she makes it a fast and pleasant experience too! I love the way she gives you the tools to handle your problems on your own which made me feel powerful and in control of my life again. Puja is definitely the Guru of EFT in India! 
Silvia, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil

Re-discovering The Self

We all share some significant amount of complications in our life, dealing with them the right way makes all the difference! Puja is straight talking, to the point and a very compassionate therapist. From therapy to EFT it has been an awesome experience, having her work out the tiny knots in my life. EFT is like a vitamin pill for me now. I am glad she has helped me find the person I once was, something which each wife and mother most often forget.
S.D, 36 yrs, Female, Surrey-Canada 
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EFT Research
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The current status of EFT as an "evidence-based" practice is summarized in APA's Journal "Review of General Psychology".
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Releasing traumatic memories
Learning self-care and compassion
Relieving Anxiety
Dealing with Panic Attacks
Enhancing Performance & Self Image
Effectively eliminating Phobias
Getting rid of Limiting personal beliefs
EFT Training
Being a Psychologist and a Certified  EFT Practitioner, I assist students to easily build EFT skills for self help and for helping others. This training program adheres to the core EFT skills and also introduces Geo-Specific EFT.

Transformational Tools

Emotional Freedom techniques (EFT)
is the most effective energy based healing tool. It addresses acute as well as chronic emotional and physical problems.
EFT renounces the usage of any drugs in all its procedures and hence there are no side effects. Unlike other traditional psycho-therapies, EFT is more advanced and cost effective as it gives great results when applied over phone or online.

Geo-Specific EFT is a new approach to EFT application. I created this approach to address cross-cultural variables that influence individual behavior. Culture and religion play an important role in the development and perpetuation of problems whereas language plays the key role in the healing process.
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Counseling/Psychotherapy is a process that deals with helping you in overcoming problems affecting your daily life. Counseling combined with EFT is a potent tool for finding core issues & understanding the nature of problems to achieve faster resolution.
Disclaimer :
While EFT has produced remarkable clinical results, it is yet to be fully researched by the Western academic, medical, and psychological communities and therefore, is considered experimental. Please take full responsibility for your use of the information contained on this website. Please don't discontinue medicines without consulting your medical health professional. By viewing this website or applying EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques) or any related self-care methods, you agree to fully release, indemnify, and hold harmless, Puja Kanth Alfred and/or emofreetherapy, from any legal claims.
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