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Module 1

1.    Historical Background of EFT
2.    How does EFT work?
3.    EFT Basic Process: Explanation & Insights
4.    Subsequent round adjustments
5.    Psychological reversal & Secondary Benefit Syndrome
6.    Difference between general and Specific Issues.
7.    Generalization Effect & Forrest and Trees Metaphor
8.    Concept of “Aspects”

Module 2

1.    Addressing Intensity: When the intensity goes up and 
       when there is no change in intensity.
2.    Shifting Aspects
3.    Apex effect.
4.    Intensity Oriented Techniques
       Movie technique
       Floor to ceiling Eye roll.
5.    What to do when Self acceptance is a problem
6.    EFT for pain.
7.    EFT for Physical Issues.
8.    Personal Peace Procedure.
9.    Shortcuts in EFT

INDIVIDUAL In-Person Training: Contact me for details.

Online training details: A unique combination of Self Study and Tutor Support

Module 1
(Trainer) Teaching Hours: 2 Hours
(Trainer) Mentoring Hours:  1 Hour

Practical Hours required by the Trainee: 2 Hours 
Required Reading hours by the Trainee: 5 Hours.

Module 2
(Trainer) Teaching Hours: 2 Hours
(Trainer) Mentoring Hours: 1 Hour.

Practical Hours required by the Trainee - 4 hours
Required Reading hours by Trainee - 7 hours

Total Teaching & Mentoring Hours by Trainer: 6 Hours.
Total Course Duration (Online): 3 weeks.

Course materials
Geo-Specific EFT level 1 Manual for each module.
Geo-specific EFT Booklet full of useful tips.
Reading material provided.
DVD containing 2 Videos by Gary Craig (Free with the Course)

Geo-Specific EFT Level 1 Manual has
Valuable tips for more effective EFT application.
Diagrams, illustrations and flowcharts with examples for better understanding.
Actual case studies are explained with focus on aspects and affirmations.

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You can get Training in 3 ways

1. In-person EFT training (Individual)
2. Online EFT Training (Individual)
3. EFT level 1 Micro Group Training.

Training Feedback

Dear Mam,
You are highly professional, wise and very friendly in teaching the basics of EFT. The way you explain concepts with examples from your own EFT practice and sharing knowledge is awesome.
The course material is very well designed, simple and easy to understand. The illustrations you have given in the material really helped me to clarify doubts and understanding basics thoroughly.
My hearty congratulations for you have done a great job in Geo-Specific approach in EFT. I could really say, Geo- Specific approach is a boon to EFT practitioners by using which I can help the clients to get out of their problem which has rooted from their religious and cultural beliefs. I have also seen my clients feel more comfortable in applying EFT in their native language as well. Hats off to you Mam!
I have experience with you both as client and trainee, so I could say whole- heartedly you are very intelligent in getting to the core of the problem. Your kindness, caring nature, dedication and professional style makes you unique. Dear Mam, My best wishes for your journey of helping and healing others.
Saranya S, Vellore

I thoroughly enjoyed doing the EFT Level 1 course from Puja. Puja is highly professional , flexible , and friendly with indepth understanding of the subject.The program is very well structured and Puja’s simplicity in explanation lays a strong foundation to practice EFT. The program gives insights into the technique which 
self study can never provide.
Lalasa, Chennai

Dear Puja, thanks for the course we had together. I trust that you can impact more people who would benefit from this course.
The topics help me to better phrase the affirmations. They also helped trace the flow of the affirmations you had made for my symptoms during my sessions. I could see that a flowchart gives more clarity in how I can address an issue  constructively. Also, the psycho-therapeutic techniques do help a lay person to relate more with the subject. This information also gave me more confidence that my therapist is able to distinguish various aspects of the stress using these techniques.
That I and others too can use these same techniques to treat ourselves is the bonus from the training. I did find your approach very much different since the topics you covered were equipped with relevant information for me to look at my healing differently.
The online training sessions on Skype were effective for me. I did get a better understanding as I had more time here to probe on the effectiveness of EFT. As I am already familiar with yourself through sessions and EFT, that has made me more receptive I feel. Discussing one's own problems definitely helps...I would recommend any client to take at least the basic course with you so they can also participate in healing themselves. No medical doctor will conduct a course for his patient so that they can go home to work on themselves right?
Since I had already done another course, it is easier for me to identify here that your course is more effective, well planned and most importantly result oriented. The English was easy to understand and the chapters are well put together in the e-manuals. This training has given me more enthusiasm to apply this effectively in my daily routine.

Best wishes in your training and sharing
Swadhe Somoo

Geo-Specific EFT Level 1 course
Candidates who successfully complete the Geo- Specific EFT course can send a request for FREE listing on Emofreetherapy website.

Exclusive membership to Geo-Specific EFT Graduates Group for ongoing mentoring support.
List of Geo-Specific EFT Practitioners

Online Training Explained

You will be provided with all the materials after the payment. (Detailed step by step instructions are provided in the course material)

For each module:
1. Study the manual and the reading materials. Watch the Videos.
2. Schedule tutoring sessions with me to clear your doubts.
3. Submit the assignments and notes on practicum by e-mail to
puja@emofreetherapy.com and schedule mentoring sessions to discuss them.

After you have successfully completed the required assignments and practicum, you will be provided with the certificate.

DVD Shipping

Delivery free of cost within India.
Charges Apply for outside India. Contact me for details.

Certificate Shipping Cost
Free of cost Within India. Outside India - $ 50. You have the option of getting a pdf copy of certificate (via e-mail). It's free of cost.

CERTIFICATE OF COMPLETION in Geo-Specific EFT Level 1 : Certificates will be sent only after successfully completing practicum and required reading list.

Register for the Course

Cost: Rs. 8,500 (USD 184)(+ Shipping cost )

PAYMENT: You will be sent a paypal money request form or bank details after registration.
Geo-Specific EFT LEVEL 1 Training
My Heartiest Congratulations to you for giving me an insight of EFT and training me to reach the first step towards my Goal  and showing me the road to fullfil my Passion of helping others heal and teaching me to relieve people of their negative  emotions to have a better future.
    The course material was aptly prepared so as not to create a feeling of burden on the student.
The methodology of  breaking down the modules into four parts to easily learn,grasp and clear-out any doubts/questions  part-by-part,really helped me to easily follow the system and  start using it in my personal life,my family and friends  successfully even before I could complete the course.
  The Tutoring sessions and the Mentoring sessions gave a thorough insight into different aspects and the basis of  using the technique as an EFT practioner.
I have gained enough confidence on this technique and am looking forward to start my newly created life to have a world  free of diseases and unwanted emotions in mankind.
I look forward to gaining more knowledge and specialize myself in areas that interest me in the next higher levels of the  course.
Punctuality and timing has been the essence during the whole course and I dare not be late for the sessions.
I wish you, M/s Puja Kanth Alfred and your innovative ideas ( especially the Geo-Aspect method which teaches us to take care  of various individual issues and beliefs for applying EFT),a very Happy,Prosperous and Healingful Life.

Sunil Chhaya, Mumbai.